I offer a range of illustrated talks on natural history and wildlife photography to clubs and societies e.g. local RSPB, Wildlife Trusts, etc. whose members are interested in learning more about the natural world and/or photography. I am an experienced speaker, and my talks can be tailored (timing and content etc.) to the requirements of individual groups. All presentations make use of high quality digital images.

Examples of current talks:

Four Seasons of Natural History

Aimed at audiences with a general interest in British natural history, and who want to add to their knowledge. The talk provides an insight into the rich variety of British natural history, covering birdlife, plants, mammals, insects and fungi. The talk follows the four seasons to show how changes to the British landscape influences our natural history and how it adapts.

Four Seasons of Derbyshire Wildlife

A more localised talk showing the natural history of Derbyshire through the seasons. Derbyshire is a beautiful county with a rich diversity of flora and fauna, with some Derbyshire specialities such as the Dipper and Water Voles. It is aimed at audiences with a general interest in wildlife and who want to add to their knowledge and understanding.

Wildlife And Nature Photography

Aimed at audiences who want to get more from their wildlife photography. It assumes attendees have a basic understanding of how their camera works, but want to take better pictures. It will cover topics like choice of camera modes ( e.g. shutter and aperture priority), depth-of-field, use of ISO, macro vs telephoto lenses, lighting and composition and other basic camera techniques. The talk focuses on how these techniques are used to take a variety of wildlife images, including portraits, close-up, wildlife action, habitat shots and creative effects.

Please note. This is not a technical talk on types cameras and photographic equipment.

Outdoor photography tuition is available on request

Dragonflies and Damselflies

Aimed at audiences with an interest in dragonflies. The talk provides an aid to the identification of some of the more common species of dragonflies and damselflies found in the UK, together with guidance on when and where look for dragonflies. It also provides an insight into the life-cycle and behaviour of these spectacular insects.

British Birds

A beginners guide to bird species. Aimed at audiences who enjoy seeing  birds and want to know more about them.The talk covers a range of British birds found in different habitats, such as gardens and woodlands, rivers and lakes, coastal areas, upland areas and open country. It will help the audience to identify common British birds and improve their understanding about how they behave.


Aimed at audiences with an interest in natural history and adventure.
Based on a photographic visit to Svalbard, the talk provides an introduction to the Arctic environment along with a selection of its summer wildlife, including birds, flora, walrus, seals, arctic fox and of course, polar bears.

Wildlife Spectaculars

A fully illustrated talk covering some of the best wildlife watching in the UK and abroad. The talk includes displays by breeding birds in the spring; the autumn red deer rut; gatherings of grey seals giving birth to their pups; winter starling roosts; the Great Bear Rainforest with its vast array of flora and fauna, including grizzly and black bears; whales; summer dragonflies;wild flower displays and  the appearence of strange and wonderful autumn fungi.

The talk illustrates the 'magic' of each spectacle and explains some of the wildlife behaviour involved.

Note: this talk can be delivered as just UK Wildlife Spectacles ;
or Wildlife Spectacles from overseas. if preferred.

The Amazing Lives of Birds

This fully illustrated talk reveals the ways birds live. It shows for example, how they undertake elaborate courtship displays, raise their young, hunt for food, show aggression and keep themselves in 'tip top' condition. Bird behaviour can be both spectacular and entertaining. I have photographed all kinds of birds over the years and this talk brings some of my best bird action pictures together, along with an understanding of what the birds are doing.

S'Albufera de Majorca

The S'Albufera de Majorca is a wetland of international importance located in Northern Majorca. It is the largest wetland habitat in the Balearic Islands and a popular destination with bird watchers and naturalists from many countries. This fully illustrated talk will tell the story of this reserve and provide an insight into the spectacular flora and fauna found in Spring and Autumn - covering birds wildflowers (especially orchids), insects and reptiles.

Rutland Water Nature Reserve

Rutland Water is one of the largest lakes in Europe. Completed in 1975 it is now a huge tourist attraction offering water sports, walking and cycling. Its western shoreline is home to the Rutland Water Nature Reserve, designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest, with an abundance of wildlife, including birds, mammals, butterflies, dragonflies and botany. Rutland Water is also the summer home to the internationally famous 'Osprey Project'. In winter it provides a refuge for over 30,000 wildfowl.

This fully illustrated talk provides a brief history of Rutland Water and describes the range of wildlife seen in a typical year on the reserve.

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